Friday Faves

Featuring: food finds, fun, fur, accomplishments and attempted alliteration.

1.  Accomplishments: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, meet 3-dimensional puzzles.

DSCN3906 DSCN3911 DSCN3918 DSCN3920 DSCN3922 DSCN3924Up in our Wyoming cabin, the bro, the friend, and I happened across a vintage Peppercricket Farms 247-piece, 3D PUZZLE.  We slaved away hours over this thing (at least, I did–the bro and friend dropped out 70% of the way through [weaklings]) and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been kinda waiting for an excuse to show you my handiwork since then. 😀  Or that this puzzle was my sole driving force for the three-day span it occupied; I ate, breathed, and slept Peppercricket Farms.  I even missed dinner one night???!!  What could have possibly possessed my soul so fiercely as to cause such an unthinkable outcome??

Other news in the accomplishments department:  I’m running my second 5k evah next Saturday, the 25th!  (You can read the recap of my first 5k here.)  I’m simultaneously pumped and terrified–since the great fooeing of the knees, running has been rather hard and painful for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful that I’m at least able to run with knee braces at this point, but I’m also out of shape and in pain and such and consequently I’m not nearly as speedy as I would like.  For this reason, I’m not hoping to PR on my 5k, but I am hoping to finish strong–that is, resist the urge to walk!  Running is an extreme mental hurdle for me, and I only hope I’ll have the strength to jump it.

run like a dog

The race is South Bay Veterinary Hospital’s Run Like a Dog 5k–I’m stoked because of the proceeds going to the humane society. 🙂  Also, it’s pet-friendly, so hopefully I’ll get lots of chances to ogle and photograph all the cute widdle goggies! 😀  Daddio shall run too.  Fun!

2.  Fur: The many joys of peanut butter.  A few days ago, I introduced dog Zixie to the many joys of the spread and put the ends of a jar to good use.  We both had great fun.DSCN4029

DSCN4023 DSCN4026


Yes, my dog looks like a fox.  And yes, after this session, the remaining peanut butter levels testified to exactly how far her tongue could get into that jar:



3.  Fun: The world’s smallest potato.

DSCN4094I don’t know why, but I crack up every time I look at this guy.  Obviously, Mother Dearest and I are such talented gardeners!

Once upon a time I had a pretty orange manicure, but now I’ve traded it in in favor of a more natural earth-inspired nail look.

DSCN4083You know those lucky ducks whose jobs are to come up with witty nail polish colors for the bigshot companies?  Well, I call this look “Girl Who Had Way Too Much Fun Digging For Potatoes Gloveless”.  Catchy, right??  O-P-I hiring office, here I come.


Fortunately, Mother Dearest and I have also harvested some (marginally) larger potatoes, and other glorious summer veggies (pole beans, snap peas, radishes, etc.)–I’ve got my eye on a satay from Vegetarian Times for these babies.

Fun, part B:  Scavenger Hunt w/ Little BroAlphabetical, photographic scavenger hunt, no less (“Take a picture of something starting with A, B, C, and so on, no skipping letters and no going inside.  First person to finish gets a 10-point bonus; duplicate picture points go in favor of the 2nd finisher.”).  Yeah, ‘at’s right, folks, we’re bringin’ sexy good, wholesome fun back!

DSCN4012Here’s my Wasp Nest for “W”.  Do those white caps mean there’s still eggs inside the nest??  Ook.

4.  Food Finds:  Ketchup Curry, and Rockin’ Rice.  A few weeks ago I made PBF’s Crock Pot Curried Lentils (minus chicken thighs), which in my opinion was amazing (or maybe I was just really hungry) the first day and then faded into meh for the remaining servings.  Not to fear!  This mehness resulted in the discovery that I l-o-o-o-v-e the rather offbeat combination of curry + ketchup.  Like, a lot.  Like, enough to maybe make my own recipe out of it.  Nummy stuff, you guys.


(^^Such a beautiful photo.  Ain’tcha proud?)

Food Finds, part B:  PlanetRice Lightly Milled Sprouted Brown Rice.

Lightly Milled Sprouted Brown Rice 6 x 20 oz. Stand Up Pouch

(Photo from PlanetRice’s Website, Link Above)

Are we thankful we discovered this!  We picked it up on a whim while at Albertson’s in Sheridan, Wyoming, and it turned out to be the best rice Mother Dearest or I have ever tasted!  Not to mention the fact that it’s like a healthy combination of white and brown rice–sprouted, too, so extra nutrient power–and pleases my entire Standard American Diet-eatin’ family!  Hooray!  You have no idea how hard it is to find something healthy that will do this!  Thank you, PlanetRice.  Highly recommended.  Now hopefully we’ll be able to track some down back home…


Well, this was a fun post!  Mayhap they will start to become a regular feature–a Fantastically Fun Friday Faves Feature!  Or, in the interest of not being murdered in my bed by a band of bustling, boisterous, alliteration-averse apes, I should prune the practice of such postings and crack down on the current craziness to circumvent catastrophic consequences.  Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. That 3d puzzle looks like so much fun to put together; once I start on a puzzle, it is easy for me to get “addicted” to working on it, and I feel compelled to keep working until it is finished (with occasional breaks, of course). Ah well, there are far worse things to be addicted to. Good luck on your race; I hope you enjoy it, regardless of your time! Your dog does slightly resemble a fox; what breed of dog is she? Many dogs do seem to love peanut butter, even though it is not exactly part of a canine’s natural diet. Then again, chocolate isn’t either, but most dogs would love to indulge in a Hershey’s bar, even though it is toxic to them! That scavenger hunt is a fantastic and creative idea; sometimes “old fashioned” games are the most fun to play. That sprouted brown rice looks delicious, and I would love to try it out someday. I hope you have a fantastic, fun, fearless, flamboyant, and flowery Friday!:)

    • No one is exactly sure about Zixie’s breed, since she was born in the shelter and had been in and out of there ever since, until we adopted her, but our best guess is Border Collie/Jack Russel Terrier mix? Her eyebrows are father funky-lookin’, especially, as she ages. 😉 And she’s feisty, but lovable. Don’t worry, this peanut butter jar was a rare treat! Thanks for your thoughtfully themed and thorough alliteration! If only it was Thursday.

  2. Good luck on your 5K!!! My doggies looovvvee peanut butter -the funniest (albeit slightly mean) thing is to put a dab of peanut butter right above their noses-it takes forever for them to get it all hehehe 😉 What a cute little potato! I really wish I had a green thumb, but we can’t manage to keep anything alive at my house. We killed a cactus once…I love the curry/ketchup combo -I call it “curry in a hurry” because all it takes is your veggies, ketchup and curry powder for a delicious curry meal:) The combo is also awesome on top of sweet potatoes btw. Also with coconut, apple, raisins, garam masala, chutney…..okay making indian tonight hahaha! I like this alliteration thing you (and Kendra) have going on! I hope your day was fabulous, fanciful, and filled with fictitious fairyland fantasies of your own fabrication (that last one was a bit of a stretch…) 🙂

    • Oh, my mom and I do that with tub margarine sometimes–put a little dollop on top of their snouts, watch them lick futilely at their noses for hours. 🙂 Yeah, maybe slightly mean, but endlessly amusing. I’ll have to try the curry on sweet potatoes!

    • I don’t know if TGITO is aware of it, but there is actually a curry place an undisclosed location known to both of us which is called Curry in a Hurry. It consistently carries charming candies and (kind of) capital curries.

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