5 Things Short People Want To Tell You

(or rather, shout at you, but won’t because we’re too awesome and besides it would look kind of silly to shout into someone’s face if it’s a foot higher up than ours)

1.  We don’t think of ourselves as short.  When we’re at home, in fact, with no one to compare ourselves to, we actually feel pretty dang tall.  And in our minds—there’s just no question about it, we’re 6’8’”, at the minimum.  Ready to conquer all.  Until we have to interact with a 6-footer and get cricks in our necks for the rest of the day.

2.  If you want to know my height, ask me how tall I am.  Yeah, I guarantee you I have my height memorized and check it faithfully every morning in the hopes of seeing improvements.  And you wouldn’t believe how many people ask how short I am instead—um, excuse me??

3.  Don’t make jokes about our vertical challenges.  Being short in today’s society sucks, all right?  Not nearly as much as being some other stuff, but people tend to discount you as “less worthy” or diminutive, or think you’re some sort of joke of a person when they size you up.  The highest compliment, appearance-wise, we can get is “adorable” or “cute”.  Never mind trying for “pretty” or even “gorgeous”.  (Also you can’t date tall boys because they’re out of spontaneous kissing range, but I digress.)  Don’t think we aren’t used to it or that we don’t realize it ourselves.  You’re touching a nerve and playing on our insecurities when you mention it, so let’s just not bring it up at all, all right?  We’re awesome enough anyway, there’s plenty of other things about us to talk about.

And stop with the nicknames—no, no Shorty, no Smalls, no Mini or Armrest.

4.  When we wear heels, it’s not always a vain attempt to make ourselves more formidable.  In my case it may be.  But we have as much of a right to high-heeled shoes as any girl, so stop your sniggering.

5.  We’re going to live longer than you.  There’s this and the fact that our hearts don’t have to work as hard to supply blood to our extremities, so pffllbtth.  *raspberries*

5 thoughts on “5 Things Short People Want To Tell You

  1. yes. And to quote Gavroche from Les Miserables, (I’m a theatre nerd) – “We may look easy pickings but we got some bite!..we’ll fight like twenty armies and we won’t give up!….And that just goes to show what little people can do.”

    Also Shakespeare “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

    Short people > Un-short people. 😉

    • The problem is, then Gavroche gets killed. So he wasn’t exactly the spokesperson for what little people can do. Alas. 😉
      I like the Shakespeare one, though–I really want to get a T-shirt with that quote on it! Shakespeare, man. He had the right ideas about a lot of stuff.

      • I work with two very tall women… And I walk into them ALL the time. It’s like their faces are so far out of my line if vision that my brain doesn’t even register that they are people, nor does it expect to find “walls” where the hallway should be. I will walk right into them then be shocked that there’s a person in front of me. I totally get your shortness 🙂

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