Let’s chat.

Have you ever seen those “coffee-date”-format blog posts, where you and the blogger are seated across a virtual table sipping on respective caffeinated drinks, and supposedly you’re talking to each other but really the blogger is just droning on and on about their lives while you stare at pictures of said drinks?

Well, aren’t you in for a treat.

Have a lovely, classy, monochrome cappuccino.  It tastes wonderful; warm, smooth, and a bit bitter–and you’ve got a brownie to wash down too, it’s just been cropped due to Instagram’s weird photo shaping lens.

Firstly, I want to say, thanks for the responses to my last post!  I really feel like I’ve been welcomed back with open arms.  Muchas gracias!! (As a side note, though: wth are you people doing commenting at 6:30 AM?? Sleep, sleep, my children.  We are on winter break!  Am I the only proper teenager here?  I myself only slithered out of bed at 10 this morning because I needed to get food in me and make sure that last post published.  I’m quite sure I could sleep all day if I didn’t get hungry.)

And obviously, since I’ve been gone for so long, there’s things that have happened since my last post that I need to fill y’all in on.  Not anything big or scary, just a bunch of mildly exciting pit stops on the road of everyday life.

  1. I performed my poem ‘The Professional Aimless Wanderer’ two months ago at the Washington State Poet Laureate’s reading.  The last word you all received on this endeavor was that I was having a hell of a time trying to write something.  I never succeeded, instead digging into my poem backlogs to scrounge up something suitable.  It went over quite well, though, and it was fun and a good experience.  Mother Dearest took a video…but due to her technological ineptitude, it’s mainly a video of the back of someone’s head with me off to the side, perched like a poetic shoulder-angel.  It’s also sideways.  😀  You guys want to watch it anyways?  Anyone know how to rotate it, at least..?
  2. Just 2 days ago we returned from a trip to see the extended fam in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  At Crater Lake we got a very detailed and lovely shot of a bird’s butt:IMG_0100
  3. IMG_0046 as well as this striking fisheye-effect shot of yours truly.  🙂  (NOTE, FOR CLARIFICATION: THIS IS NOT MY ACTUAL FACE.) We toured Captain Jack’s Stronghold (in Northern California), attempted to ice skate, and ate more hash browns than could possibly be healthy. Life was good.
  4. I got a new computer!  DSCN4325Its name is Cecil, he’s my birthday and Christmas present and probably blackmail material for this year and next, and he is just…the sexiest thing. Seriously.  So sleek and shiny and light and fast…I think I’m in love. Many thanks to the parental units.DSCN4327
  5. In way more recent news, today we took a day trip to Portland, Oregon, and visited the famous CITY OF BOOKS!!  Is it a bit drastic to proclaim that, post-high-school sometime, I really want to live in Portland, just for the sake of Powell’s?  Maybe I could work there as a supplement to the writing thing…I just really, really love this place, you guys.  For some reason it’s extremely comforting to wander around alone inside a huge building filled with books–like being swathed in stories.  Plus there was a cafe, with scones and chai lattes.  DSCN4328(Upon bringing out the camera to snap a picture of the lemon-blueberry scone, Daddio exclaimed from across the table, “You must be back to blogging!”) 😉DSCN4330

My haul.  Hyperbole and a Half is the…the greatest thing ever, you guys.  I cannot even begin to express my love for this comic.  If y’all aren’t reading her blog, get on it, stat.  Her dog-themed comics are the only thing that will guarantee me a 10-minute, laugh-so-hard-I-cry session, no matter how bad of a day I’m having.  I’m usually guffawing so loudly Citrus joins in (he knows how to mimic my laugh), and there’s no way my day can continue to go downhill from there.  Hyperbole and a Half, guys.  Seriously.

And now I hold the awesome concentrated humor in tangible, dead-tree form.  Nothing could be better.



ohmigod I might be really dangerous with this book. 😉

Have a lovely day, y’all.  I don’t know why I’ve slipped into saying “y’all” within this post.  I don’t say it in real life.  It’s pretty fun to type, though.  I hope your coffee was enjoyable, and the brownie too!  We should really do this again sometime.

DSCN3111(Citrus says hi, btw.  He’s missed his adoring people.)


5 thoughts on “Let’s chat.

  1. You have family in Klamath Falls?? That’s awesome–I was born in Eugene, Oregon, and shortly after that we moved to Klamath Falls, where we lived for about 10 years!! I have fantastic memories of living there, especially from 2000 to 2003, when we lived on an 8-acre plot of land with numerous pets such as chickens, dogs, cats, lizards, and rabbits. Such good times:) In regards to the waking-up-at-6:30 “abomination,” I have actually been waking up “late” so far this winter break–usually around 7:30 A.M. Then again, being 20 years old, I am no longer a teenager, so perhaps that explains my inability to wake up later than 7:45. Not that I am trying to defend my early waking habits or anything;) I am glad your poem reading went well, and I would love to see the video–sideways, upside-down, slanted, it doesn’t matter to me! I never thought of a computer as being sexy, per say, but it’s something to think about, and makes just as much sense to me (maybe even more) as drooling over some “sexy” actor or actress. Powells sounds like the kind of place I could spend hours in and never want to leave–one reason why I want to end up back in Oregon at some point in my life. I will have to check out that Hyperbole and a Half blog, since I am sure I’d find it amusing as well! That pun book sounds very interesting as well; I often have eclectic tastes in books, so I would probably enjoy reading it. I’ve actually been on a Stephen King literary kick lately, and so far I’ve read The Mist, Bag of Bones, and The Green Mile. All of them have been quite intriguing and thought-provoking. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend!

    • I’ve actually been running into a lot of people who also happen to have relatives in Klamath Falls, which is weird, what with its obscurity and smallness. o_0 Maybe I just attract those types of people..? Anyway, yeah, it’s a lovely town, with lovely views. 🙂 I actually prefer its prairie and hills to the forests of the Pacific NW, much to the chagrin of my PNW friends.
      Haha, I never thought of a computer being sexy either until I met Cecil. With the amount of time I spend on the computer, whether writing or blogging or internet-surfing, things like backlit, ergonomic keyboards and solid-state hard-drives can effectively turn me into a hot mess. 😉 (Joking, mostly.)
      I must read more Stephen King!! I loved ‘Under the Dome’ so much, I thought I would immediately zip off to tear through his entire collection of published work, but for some reason that didn’t happen. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  2. Ah, Powell’s… I have not been there since May, but it’s certainly one of my favorite bookstores. So much better than the Strand.

    I must read this pun book! Do you get the pun in the title? 🙂

    I’m in New York at the moment, and there’s about 6 inches of snow. I’ll be back in our area soon…see you soon?

    • Is the Strand like the NY equivalent of Powell’s? I would think it would be dangerous, setting you loose in either store. 😉 I was on a strict $30 budget at Powell’s, hence the purchase of only two books. I feel like you’re the type to load up the basket and then some, though.
      I DO GET THE PUN IN THE TITLE (and also at the bottom, “how wordplay became more than SOME ANTICS”, hahahaha) and it is marvelous. It’s really a detailed and scholarly history of puns, which is really interesting to me. Also, since I’m always in pun-mode while reading it, I keep picking up on some that may or may not be intentional (they’re not pointed out, anyway), and it’s marvelous. I can definitely loan it to you next time I see you.
      Snoooooow!! *swoons dramatically* We haven’t had any here–in fact my only experience with it this winter has been up at Crater Lake, where there were a few feet. We couldn’t even go skiing or sledding since the mountains were bare. (Climate change..?) 😦 But I miiiisss it so much. I doubt very much that the NY snow is the sparkling white type you can roll around in and build things with, but still. The sentiment is there.
      I would loooove to see you soon! My only conflict this coming week is a Knowledge Bowl Meet on Saturday, which will most likely last from 9 AM -1 PM.

      • Yes, the Strand is a giant used bookstore with so many books, but unfortunately it’s more like a warehouse or a factory than a place where you can comfortably browse. Happily, Powell’s doesn’t have that feel.

        You’re right; Powell’s and I are a dangerous combination. Last time I was there I think I bought about 10 -15 books. 😉 But if you’re going to a city of books, you might as well get a lot right? The basket was most definitely loaded.

        I didn’t see the some antics one…that’s funny. I’d definitely like to read the book.

        The snow was very beautiful the first night; it made the city so quiet and pristine. Within a few days it turned into disgusting slush though, which is not so pleasant. But I did enjoy it immensely.

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