Snow Angels

IMG_0037It snowed last night! This marks our first official snow…all season.  Seriously; I think there was one back in November but it was barely a dusting and definitely didn’t stick.

Since I am working hard at officially being a teenager and therefore slept in until 10 (would have been longer if not for Mother Dearest and the small dog), I only got about an hour to enjoy it, but it was glorious.  A lively snowball fight took place, and after we were all done with that, I had the brilliant idea to make a snow angel.  Like, a 3D one–a literal snow angel, like a snow man but with wings.  It was a not-so-subtle ploy to erect life-size temporary monuments of Aziraphale and Crowley in the backyard, really.  😀  We got about this far into it

before heading in for lunch (which was delicious, in case you were wondering; I was starving and made a paprika-spiced hash brown with eggs and peppers and forgot a picture because I was a. starving and b. a bad blogger), and afterwards, Aziraphale had collapsed.  A fallen angel, you could say he was.  Now the yard is full of the sounds of snow melting and trickling down trees and trellises.  Not really packable anymore.  I feel like this is some sort of metaphor for the urgency of art, but mainly I’m just sad I didn’t get to deck snow people out in sunglasses and tartan vests and build a snow Bentley.  (It would have been far beyond my capabilities, but it would have been ineffably fun.)

3 thoughts on “Snow Angels

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, if you feel so inclined as to answer the questions I posed. Of course, you are not required to accept this virtual blogging award–it is 100% optional 😉

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