Hello!  Thanks so much for giving me a click over here.  You can call me McKenzie, or you can call me TGITO.  You can call me “that wordy bird nerd” or you can call me “maybe” or you can call me “the rusted spoon under the bottom stair who holds the answers but must be approached with caution.”  In an emergency situation, though, that’s a bit lengthy and I’m apt to forget to respond to it, so you might wanna go with one of the first two.


I’m a teenage girl who adores all things citrusy, and, by extension, orange!  Whovian, Nerdfighter, Potterhead, and Sherlockian.  (It’s British and it’s on Tumblr?  I’m probably into it.)  I like to blog, I like to write, I like to eat things, and I like to run, though not well.  I’m hopelessly clumsy, but I like to think I know how to laugh at myself.  I am determined to be the most stubborn person I know, and no one will be able to sway me from this goal.

One of my best friends is a cockatiel named Citrus.

Citrus says hello!

We’re both odd birds in our own right.  🙂  I’m a bit off-my-rocker, taking pictures of my food and writing and documenting compulsively, but for the most part, I’m happy.  The Girl in the Orange documents and helps me puzzle through life as a 21st-century teen with a penchant for words and birds and a glaring social ineptitude.  I post about my writing journey, culinary creations and experiences (I grew up in Wyoming, the heart of cattle country, and now I’m a vegetarian and cook for myself), the occasional deep thought, and my struggles and successes with self-love, social anxiety and finding my joi de vivre.  It’s actually really a fun time!  😀 (I really hope I didn’t scare you off with the spoon thing.  It sounded funnier in my head.  Seriously.  You are welcome here.)

Through this blog, I’m doing pretty much the same thing as everybody else on this earth: living life the best way I know how and striving to create things of beauty.  I’m still learning my way around this enigmatic existence, and I flub sometimes–actually, I flub a lot–but, of course, you won’t read about any of those flubs here. 😉

Unless they’re funny.

A Backstory, of the stars that aligned to allow for the birth of this blog: (written 7/31/2012)

Two years ago I moved from my home state to an alien planet–or, at least, it sure felt like it.  The time following has been eventful and emotional; I started a blog that I cared about much less than this one, to give myself a creative outlet.  But after two years of that, I felt like myself and my interests had changed too much to continue that site as my sole blog.  I felt like a different person, in this new home and school.  I didn’t want to create just another “teenage” blog, gossiping about frivolous makeup or discussing boy bands or boots or whatever it is normal teenage girls do.  I wanted to start a blog that radiated me–someone who cannot be defined by any particular name, but rather prefers to be known throughout the blogosphere as The Girl in the Orange.  (Wow, that sounds deep.  I promise you I don’t sound this precocious in person!)

The only trouble was, I wasn’t sure, exactly, just who that person was; I didn’t know who I was, at my core.  In my social life, I was living behind a mask, a dated version of myself that I knew others were comfortable with, but I wanted so desperately to burst out as pure me.  I had smashed down “me” so much, though, that I had lost touch with her–I was having an identity crisis.
What to do, what to do?

1. Chop off my unruly, Hermione-esque hair (chest-length since FOREVER)
2. Pick up a few new hobbies and start enjoying myself in different ways
3.  Write about these hobbies on a blog and share it with friends, family and potentially THE UNIVERSE.  Ah, the glories of the internet!

My hope was that these activities would help me get in touch once and for all with my inner Girl in the Orange–and I am happy to say that the experiment worked.  This blog is now a constant in my life that I love and nurture; blogging just makes me feel right.  I am so much happier now that I am The Girl in the Orange. 🙂

So, who is the Girl in the Orange?  Well, she’s everything I’ve just described to you, and she has four main passions:


Writing and Poetry (lumped together since they’re kind of the same thing)
Birds–but I wanted to whittle down the topics I post about on here to three main ones, so there’s little mention of them on here.
Running.  I’m awful at it, truly a tortoise, but it never fails to clear my mind.

I blog about these things, in addition to some deeper topics like self-acceptance and identity.  (For a little sampling, you can start off reading  this post, [one of my earliest ones] which pretty articulately describes why I chose the name The Girl in the Orange for my blog, and all it means to me.  And then your mind will be blown with the depth of my perception of life, right?)

You can probably find out a lot more about me by perusing this blog than me just rambling on and on to you about myself, so I’ll just shut up now. 😉

Have something to say or want to talk?  I love email!: thegirlintheorange@gmail.com

Find me elsewhere:

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there, Girl in the Orange! I just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying your blog and ‘nominated’ you for the Sunshine award; I know it’s essentially a chain letter and therefore perhaps some will find it annoying, but I DO like that it is a way to share some of my favourite blogs. Cheers! -S.

  2. This made me smile SO much! I love your personality and the way it boldly shines through in your in your words…and I have to admit, you have a way with wit…I was giggling throughout both this AND your “explanation post”! Love the Twilight recover…and the fact that you conned your little brother into being your hand model! 😉

    I’m so glad that you tagged me in your Pi Day post today! I’ve had so much fun “meeting” you…and now, I’m off to pine over those pancakes! Make them for me? 😉

    • Aw…aw….thank you so much!! You have no idea how much it means to me when people comment like this…it’s just some sort of affirmation that people out there read what I write and actually have, like, THOUGHTS about it and me…and they actually like me! THANK YOU SOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH!!
      You and your blog are awesomesauce as well. How do you manage to churn out a new pancake recipe every week?? And they’re all so delicious…

      • Aww, seeing this just made my night! I feel the exact same way when I get a heartfelt response to something I’ve written so that only makes me 10x happier to know that I have successfully paid it forward!

        And as far as the pancakes? Ha, sometimes I have NO idea how I do it! Honestly, I do miss it, but I’ve been a bit grateful for this “break” since my knee surgery. Now I’m just having fun with my “how to” posts! 😀

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