Week in Review

If you haven’t cottoned on, for my last few posts I’ve been trying, albeit with questionable success, to give my posts zippy and witty and possibly punny titles.  (No, autocorrect, that word is not puny.)  My brain is fried this week though, so I guess you guys get a blessed reprieve mournful absence of my normally on-point and ineffable wordsmithery.

So, yeah, um.  My brain is fried.  Don’t mind too much, though, it’s a great excuse for rambly posts with lots of comma splices and erratic ideas from all corners of it.  (It being my mind.  This might not be a too-coherent post.  I’ve just finished up with finals and am trying to type this up while streaming Sherlock S3 for the second time…)

Weekity Things: (by which I mean events of note that occurred over the course of this week, excusez mois)

  1. Reading Good Omens.
    DSCN4422I don’t–I can’t–it’s just–*exhales sharply through nose in frustration* this book is now one of my all-time favorites ever, and I can’t really explain why.  Why does it make me tear up when I think of it now? Why did I feel the need to put off studying and self-care for a whole two days in order to tear through it?  Why did this religious satire speak to me on a more profoundly spiritual level than any other book I’ve read?

i don't know doctor who gifIt’s just ineffable, I guess.  (Heads up: I will be using the word “ineffable” so much in the coming posts that you will become so ineffably done with it that you feel an ineffable itch to ineffably strangle me.)  It was one of those weird things that really struck me in exactly the right way, and now my conversations with anyone new this week have been beginning with a sharp and judgmental “Have you read Good Omens?!”  Most people haven’t.  Uggghhh.  Get on this book, world.  It is so good (and hilarious) that whenever I think of it I’m pretty sure my heart rate speeds up and the emotional center of my brain (is that the amygdala? *googles* yes it’s the amygdala) sort of spasms out and my face is kind of caught between doing this
giphyand this.
glass cage of emotion

Here’s my equally non-articulate GoodReads review, if anyone’s interested:

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, WitchGood Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, man. Why didn’t I read this book sooner? Why, oh why, did I pick it up for “idle reading” in the heat of Finals season??
I’m not really sure how to describe this book, except that it’s one of those books where you drift around with your eyes unfocused for hours after reading, and you spill a bunch of stuff because you’ve been well and truly entranced. It’s one of those books that you can stare at and squeeze to your chest because the characters, even those that hail from the pits of Hell (especially those) feel like your best mates and the whole book fills you with a kind of existentially ironic warm fuzzy feeling, which I didn’t even know was a thing. Laugh-out-loud hilarious, a good read for those who want to stop taking themselves so seriously. The writing was beautiful and I loved the dialogue. In the beginning (haha, Bible pun, haha) it felt like there were WAY TOO MANY characters for my poor feeble mortal mind to juggle, but it pares down into a glorious semblance of sense.
I also have the hugest crush on Aziraphale, bless his soul.

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(bee tee dubs you should all become my friend on GoodReads because I need more virtual friends to fangirl over books with okay? okay)

     2.  Scholastic Art and Writing Awards results!  (This was the thing that my poetry collection won in last year, with the celebration at Carnegie Hall.)  This year I submitted a short story (that I wrote in 8th grade and that you haven’t read), “We Hired Death as Our Landscaper,” a poem collection of “Dichromate,”“Ellipse,” and “Silver,” another poem collection including two of my spoken word poems “Solicited Advice to Prepubescent Nintendo Freaks” and “Sweet, sweet Adolescence,” and finally, my poem “The Professional Aimless Wanderer”.  Two of the poem collections won Silver Keys (which is like an honorable mention except there is actually also an honorable mention category so I guess Silver Key is like one step up from honorable mention) and “Wanderer” is going on to National Judging!

SAWA 2014 announcement

Hmm.  Well, I realize this doesn’t actually look too…legitimate.  (You gotta love the PicMonkey “paper scrap” feature though, amiright?)  I promise these were my actual results. Huzzah for creative censoring.

It’s kind of wryly funny that Scholastic always loves my poetry (at least they seem to), whereas I work a lot harder on my prose and like it better than my poetry.  I wasn’t sure about some of the poems I submitted, but I definitely thought the short story or at least “Landscaper” was going somewhere.  I guess I’m too biased.  I also guess that the fewer words in which I have to say something, the better I say it…which I kind of already knew.  Brevity is not my forte, but when I can manage it, it definitely improves my writing.

3.  FINALS SEASON IS OVAHH! *upturns a science lab bench and begins tap dancing upon it*  Really, that’s being a bit overdramatic, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. In a fit of procrastination and denial one night, I even wrote a satire of Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” proclaiming “Some say the world will end with Finals…”  I had just heard so many rumors about how awful they were, and I suppose I had it easy since I’m but a wee freshie, but they were all right.  My lowest score was in Algebra 2/Pre-calc, predictably, and that was just an A-.  I am in a state of ineffable gratitude that there was no Orchestra final, because my Orchestra grade has now squeaked up to a 93.01%, which is literally one-hundredth of a percent over the requirement for an A.  So now my GPA is a 4.0. *smiles beatifically*

Hope you had an equally eventful week, my dearest tropical fish, and that the next 7 days also hold, for you, a trove of mystique and ineffable excitement. (Congrats on getting through finals, if you’re a student!)

Heads-Up 7-Up

Confession:  I have never actually played Heads-Up 7-Up.  In fact, I didn’t even know it was a game until a few months ago.  Everyone whom I tell this to tends to respond morbidly with What was your childhood?!  I just chose it as the title for this post because this post is a Heads-Up, and…pairing it with 7-Up is…catchy, I guess.

So, oops.  I had a little technological snafu on Friday when my post published early and then I told you you would see it later that day and I WAS LYING MY PANTS OFF OOPS.  Perhaps you will see that post next week, or maybe the next.  I thank you for your patience.  This post, in fact, serves to tell you that you shouldn’t expect any posts from me over the next coming week or so, because we are straying dangerously near to Finals season and I really want to devote all of my energies to studying and running over the next few days.  If I do post, comment angrily, be enraged, tell me to turn off the laptop, because I’m obviously procrastinating studying.  I thank you so much for your cooperation.


Greetings, dear followers!


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*slow, creeping sort of manic smile begins to spread over face*

Happy Finals Season. Finals Season

I’m doing the best I possibly can  in regard to the May Shapeup, and my eating and exercise habits–I’ve hit a few rough patches, of course.  The “no processed sugar” thing has fallen wayward as I stay after school for study sessions, work on papers late into the night and early in the morning, and turn, usually, to Clif bars for my caloric needs.  I’ve been eating more processed foods than I originally planned for, as well, but the current circumstances make this rather unavoidable.   I’ve decided the healthiest thing I can do right now is not to dwell on this and just plow through my academics like the steady essay-writing ox private school has trained me to be.

I’ve striven to keep my produce intake pretty constant, and I have managed to bump it up, but with my mind in so many other places besides the shapeup these past few weeks, some interesting occurrences have–oh, well, you’ll see.

Breakfast DSCN0790 was Grape-Nuts and chia seeds.  And a repeat pic.  how exciting, right?  Yeah…I would love to boast a fantasmagorical oatmeal creation or something here, but seeing as I can’t eat oatmeal anymore and I don’t really have the time to fix up anything else…cereal it is.  Pretty healthy stuff, but…still.  I feel like I’ve failed as a food blogger here.

I did manage to squeeze in a green smoothie!  (It may have been spiked seasoned with a healthy dose of cocoa powder…that’s healthy, right?;) ) Fall ESST 021 Lunch

When the time to pack up came around, I was feeling more “snacky” than in the mood for a big meal, so I scavenged around in the (tragically depleted) fridge for a few fresh foods to throw together.  Here was the finished smorgasbord: DSCN1837Strawberries, pistachios…boiled eggs…and carrot sticks.  In the large container is milk.

As it turns out, though, I pulled a Ramona Quimby–the eggs I had grabbed were actually not from the carton labeled “Boiled” at all, but from the regular egg carton.  I only found this out, of course, when I went to crack one during lunch study hall and my carrots suddenly became engulfed in yolk… #epicfail.  This made me rather sad, as the carrot sticks had to be scrapped and I didn’t see how I was going to fit the protein I had planned on into this meal.  Luckily, a friend was there to save the day, when she suggested I simply scramble the eggs up with a fork and cook them in the microwave–!  It’s great having logical people to reinforce my genius. 😉

Even without the egg incident, this lunch was a pretty random combination, but I’m proud of myself; it was assembled with all fresh foods, and it kept me satisfied all through the afternoon.  Win-win!  (I’m just…still perturbed over the egg incident…I thought this only happened in middle grade literature…)

Afternoon Snack was rushed through (bad, bad) in the brief interim between school and physical therapy.  In fact, it was so rushed through I completely managed to forget it was WIAW, despite having blog on the brain at the time–I wolfed down a banana mixed with PB2, some more strawberries, and some almonds.  Just in case, for some bizarre reason, you don’t believe me, I managed to capture the remains for you: 😉 DSCN1840At PT, I was given a RUNNING ASSESSMENT, on the treadmill (!!!) along with some pointers for improving cadence, posture, foot strike, etc. (turns out I run like a total slob…I’m sorry, Physical Therapist.  I didn’t realize.)  The idea is that we may possibly bring home a treadmill sometime soon–I can work on my technique, and maybe get back to running in earnest in about a month..?  EEP!  =D  Really, I owe it all to Kiss My Broccoli–obviously her good vibes sent my way have payed off!

La Cena was taco salad, prepared with romaine, avocado, salsa, black beans, and tortilla strips.  Totally clean, healthy, and FAST!  🙂  But because it was hastily prepared, it was not the most aesthetically pleasing supper ever, so instead, you get an Instagram pic of our Mother’s Day meal over the weekend that I think turned out rather well–

Because, as you undoubtedly have noticed, not only have I run out of time to prepare elaborate meals, I’ve also stopped trying in terms of my photography.  Bad, BAD TGITO!!  I’m sorry.  Blog should not be this way.  But it is, as I continue to profess, rather unavoidable.

Off to do some studying, “reflecting”, research compiling, and essay writing–wish me luck in my scholarly endeavors!  I’m feeling a little snacky again now, so this WIAW might not be  completely over–not that I will have time to post an update! 😉

–The Girl in the Orange