December Wishes

Oh, you guys.

It’s been a day.

Quite a day.

Like, a breakfast-cookie-for-dinner type of day.

Brown food doesn’t photograph well, especially when you don’t want to take the time to even put it on a pretty plate or clear your placemat of crumbs. But it’s dang delicious.

I am a Hobbler today. It’s different from a Hobbit, but I still have the hairy feet.

Somehow I don’t think whatever I developed over the weekend, the pain that manifested itself in earnest on Monday, is runner’s knee.  Or if it is, runner’s knee must be more awful than most websites made it out to be.

It is not simply uncomfortable.  I am crippled this week, not able to participate in physical education games or make it to any of my classes on time–I’ve perfected the art of steadily shuffling.  It’s so frustrating.  My mind is going full speed, and I want to walk at the same pace as everybody else, and, you know, be all normal-like, but my knees can’t take it.  I have to stand with my knees all soft on the rare occasions that I do actually bring myself to stand.

A couple of thoughts on this condition:

1. What the fudge??!  Okay, I hear you, running is hard on your body and runners are prone to injury, but I’m not ultramarathoning here!  At most, I’m running 12 miles a week.  Seriously.  12 miles tops, and my knees are trying to abandon ship.  Am I running wrong, somehow?  I stretch; I’ve got the proper shoes; I have good posture in other areas of my life!  Maybe I’m just not built for running…  😦

2.  Aw dang, I’ve got my second 5k next Saturday!  It was going to have jingle bells, too! 😦

My knees are feeling somewhat better, after a lot of RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), ibuprofen, and some yoga in our garage-turned-home-gym.  Now could we please get rid of the arachnids in there..?

I doez yoga wid da speyederz.

November is coming to a close, and since I am in this wistful mood, AND since it’s the holiday season, all about miracles and wishes coming true and all that, I decided to publicize my Wishes for this December.  These are things that would mean the world to me right now.  They are lofty expectations, I realize, but if they were to happen I would melt.  (No pun intended!)  Chop chop, Santa Claus.

1.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let there be snow.

Let there be snow for dog.

I miss Midwest Winter.
The most ridiculous part of this whole thing is that this picture was taken in late March.

2.  Let me be able to run in my 5k..?  Scratch that, let me be recovered fully within two days.  It’s a tall order, I know, but I would rather simply not race than race at less than 100%.

3.  I’m trying to email a literary agent I’ve been introduced to about my novel and whenever I go to do it my brain gets stopped up.  So, let me be able to write an eloquent, charming, winning query email?

4.  Please let me experience good holiday vibes, good food, happy family.  Really, what the holiday season’s all about.

(See?  Just writing this post has put me in a better mood!) 😉  Happy holidays from The Girl in the Orange–and please take a moment to be thankful for your two working knees!