Liebster Award…I Confess Creepy Things


So I was nominated by the fair Kendra to participate in the Liebster blog tag.  I’ve already won this a few times, but I love yakking your ears off in response to surveys (and–thanks K–you gave me a blogging topic for this weekend, and I wasn’t coming up with anything, so you SAVED ME); I will happily and humbly accept your nomination.rihanna rising gif

1. When you find an insect or arachnid in your house, what is your immediate response? Do you scream? Rescue the bug and let it outside? Kill it? No, I will not judge you (too harshly) for your response.   Depends on how big/hairy it is.  If it’s longer than an inch or so, it goes underfoot.  Otherwise I try to put a cup over it and slide an envelope beneath that and dump the whole package outside (UNLESS IT CAN JUMP OH GOD THAT’S THE WORST WHEN THEY CAN JUMP AND THEY JUST RAM THEMSELVES AGAINST THE GLASS OH GOD OH GOD).

2. What is your opinion on so-called “white lies?” Are they necessary in certain cases to avoid hurting someone? Or should they be avoided at all costs?  Hmm.  This is too dang deep for a blog survey…how do I say this without sounding awful..? I tell a lot of lies.  Storyteller by nature, et cetera…I just really like embellishing stories to get a reaction out of people.  I add harmless little details that I think’ll make it funnier or something.  I don’t even realize I’m doing it, which is the scariest part.  I’ll actually convince myself that the embellished version was the actual course of events…if I’m ever telling you a really fanciful story, you should ask me if I’m lying.  I’ll probably blink dazedly a few times and respond with “Oh…I guess I am!”  I DO STRIVE TO AVOID THIS on the blog, though, because it’s much harder to accidentally type up a lie than speak it.

Hmm, what was the actual question?  Oh…white lies.  I don’t think you should lie to avoid hurting people, but don’t deliberately tear someone down either.  Honesty is always the best policy…like if they ask for a critique on something that sucks, just point out the flaws along with the good points.  There’s always good points.

3. What is one of the most bizarre/detailed/vivid dreams you have ever had? Have you ever had a dream that predicted something in the future (yes, this was inspired by the aforementioned dream I had)?  Well…heh.  Do I ‘fess up here?  Every dream I have is extremely vivid and bizarre.  Extremely.  My most recent dream (meaning last night) was that my brother and I had accidentally murdered Shrek the ogre.  Also, my brother was Remus Lupin, from the Harry Potter series, except he was wearing a bra, patterned with oranges.  (It was quite a lovely bra.)  The big oak tree in our yard was actually the Whomping Willow, and we stowed Shrek’s corpse in the Shrieking Shack which was nearby, through a tunnel.  (Realization: it was actually supposed to be Snape that we killed, but I guess my brain subbed in the image of Shrek because it couldn’t picture a dead Snape..?) Then the police showed up, saying there had been a reported attempted break-in at our house.  I had this really awesome grandma who didn’t resemble any of my actual grandmas but she could do kung-fu and she took out two of the cops with her walker.  Then the rest of the police force showed up, but it turned out to be my childhood Taekwon-do class, so there was a brief happy reunion before our living room turned into the PE gym and we lined up on opposite sides of it, getting ready to square down.

That was actually kind of a tame dream for me.

4. Do you eat food that you’ve dropped on the ground? Or throw it away in disgust? Do you follow expiration dates on all packaged food, or only with dairy products and other mold-prone food? This was inspired by the fact that I recently threw out a tub of almost-empty yogurt that had expired a month ago. Even I have my limits when it comes to expired food.   Depends on the type of food.  Is it good chocolate?  I’ll eat good chocolate off a toilet seat.  (I’ll, like, rinse it off first…)  I eat most foods off the floor.  I’m exceedingly ignorant-by-choice of the types of bacteria that thrive in carpets.  It makes life so much simpler.  I am kind of obsessive about expiration dates though…I have an awful nagging fear that I’ll get food poisoning and die if I eat something even a day past the expiration date.  It just looks so final…it’s scary, man.

5. Do you have one or more social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…)? How has it affected your life, both positively and/or negatively? Or do you prefer to stay off of such websites?  Yup.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest; check, check, check and check.  I’m a really big fan of social media.  It allows me to connect with others, like my old Wyoming friends, stay in touch, and promote things.  And I love the tiny windows into other’s lives.  (I’m the kind of person who cranes their neck to see into people’s houses when they’re driving past, not because I want to, erm, see anything explicit, but because it really fascinates me to see the kind of spaces other people spend the majority of their lives in.  Is this another thing I can attribute to just having a writer-brain? :D)  I don’t really think they’ve had a big negative impact on my life.  I don’t think they’re interesting enough to get addicted to…only blogs and Tumblr have that power over me.

6. Why exactly are there warning labels on things such as bottles of hairspray stating “Do not use near heat, flame, or while smoking.” “Avoid inhalation.” “Avoid spraying in eyes”? Do these companies think we are idiots, or are they simply terrified of being sued by a person who says “You didn’t tell me that it’s dangerous to use my hair dryer in the bathtub!! How dare you do such a thing!!” Yes, this is somewhat of a rhetorical question, so instead of answering it, feel free to share the most absurd warning labels you have ever seen.  Yeah, I think it comes of the companies being afraid of sue-age.  (Haha…)  Why would you even use your hair dryer in the bathtub anyway?  Are there really people that hellbent on multitasking?

7. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? If so, what was his/her/it’s name? Was it human, animal, vegetable, mineral, or alien?  I…well, I did.  Her name was…*cringes* Plecostomus, because that was a type of fish I had in my fish tank.  I just called her Platty for short.  I’m not sure she wasn’t human; she was humanoid, but she had green skin and red hair and in the world she came from capitalization was reversed so she wrote her name pLATTY.  I was…a special child.

8. Do you talk to yourself on a regular basis? Or perhaps to your pets? Have you ever engaged in a fascinating discussion or argument with yourself? (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done this…)  Well, I journal daily, which is essentially an elaborate written conversation with myself.  Sometimes if I’m alone (or in math class) I’ll make snide little remarks to myself, but I don’t know that I’ve ever had a fully-fledged self-argument, a la Eleventh Doctor in Nightmare in Silver.

nightmare in silver

(photo credit the BBC)

9. When was the last time you sent an actual pencil-and-paper letter to someone? Do you think handwritten letters are always more intimate and personal than an email or text message, or does it depend on the situation? Speaking of which, can you write in cursive (I can’t, so don’t worry about being judged here)?  I probably send more snail mail than most people, but I still haven’t sent a letter in a long time.  Maybe it was…a year ago??  People don’t do it nearly often enough, but I love getting handwritten letters.  I feel so shpecial upon receiving one, and I definitely feel like there’s a stronger interpersonal connection there than with email.  That said, I also love email, since it’s so much more practical and speedy and allows me to keep up with friends whom I don’t see on a daily basis! (Love ya, Cleo!)

can write in cursive.  Pretty well.  I’ve got a fancy fountain pen and I spent a lot of one summer trying to make my script as pretty as possible.  My normal, note-taking, paper-writing printing is somewhat of an ugly lovechild between printing and cursive…teachers hate it, I hate it sometimes (all the letters are nondescript lumps), but it looks vaguely artistic.

2014-02-16 15.11.34

10. Do you feel as though TV or magazine advertisements actually make you more likely to purchase the product being advertised? Or do you simply enjoy mocking them and/or laughing at them? Feel free to mention one of the strangest, best, worst, most sexist, or most creative advertisement you’ve ever seen.  I mean, I’m sure they do influence my purchases.  I try not to let them, but if they weren’t effective, advertising wouldn’t be the multi-billion-dollar industry it is now, right?  I do like to mock them; and a lot are selling naked women, rather than, um, the actual product.  BUTBUTBUTBUTBUT–the Phillipines version of Pantene made this really awesome commercial about negative labels that are applied to women vs men and how we can break through them, and it’s one of the coolest commercials I’ve seen in a long time.  Worth a watch:

My 10 questions time!  I’m upset that no one did my sock drawer survey.  (Except for TeenieYogini.  She’s just better than all of you.  *sniffs haughtily*) That hurts, you guys.  SOO I’m just going to steal the some of the questions from there and TAG people so they HAVE to respond, mwahahahaha…

  1. Show us your sock drawer.  *PEERpressurePEERpressure*
  2. Favorite type of workout?
  3. Favorite type of cheese (or cheeze)?
  4. What would your last meal be?
  5. Favorite outfit?
  6. Favorite caffeinated beverage?
  7. One of your favorite fictional characters has shown up on your doorstep ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Who are they, and where do you go?
  8. Any tattoos you’d like?
  9. Hair color? Would you ever dye it? Chop it all off?
  10. Favorite smell?

And I tag:

1. Kris @ Plants & Pages

2. Andrea @ I Run for Donuts

3. Cleo @ The Literary Flaneur (yes I’m going to keep tagging you for these things; as your sassy clumsy friend I’m just going to pressure you into doing more and more surveys and stepping away from your insane TBR pile)

4. Kailey @ The Caffeinated Runner

5.  Lacey @ Life Hands You Limes

6.  Joelle @ On a Pink Typewriter

7. Alex @ The Run Within

*counts names on fingers furtively* Crap, that’s only seven.  All the other blogs I read (that haven’t been tagged already) are either too topic-specific for this kind of thing, or are too BIG (in terms of follower count), and nominating them sort of feels like yanking on an upperclassman’s sleeve to ask where the bathroom is.  I AM NOT WORTHY.  If you’re reading this, consider yourself nominated, I guess!!  I am so totally stoked you are reading this!  Congrats on your life decisions!

Y’all should recommend some more blogs to me.  Any other ramblers out there, either fitness-, food-, or literature-related?  ALL THREE?  I must meet some more of my kin.  We must form a tribe.


Dear, dear, dear

My apologies for the long blogging hiatus.  My birthday and the holidays are coming up so I’ve been busy–and I just “wasn’t feeling” blogging.  I know from experience that if I try to post while I’m not in the mood it’s going to be crap.

BUT I also know from experience that if I let myself take TOO long a break from blogging I’ll never get going again!  And then you guys would worry about whatever happened to me…

So today I started doing bloggy stuff again and checking my comments, and found out I’d been nominated for the Liebster Award by Shona of Absolute Frankness.

I did a silent fist-pump, then proceeded to check out her blog.  I’d never heard of her before!

Her blog is dedicated, as the name would imply, to being absolutely frank.  About everything.  Basically making sure that she never once even unfolds a rose-colored blindfold.  The cynical, darkly-humorous, depressing-poetry-writing side of me can definitely side with this.  I’m kind of opposite of this, however; I try to make my blog optimistic, and I do like to think that The Girl in the Orange is a place where people can come and get a little extra shot of happiness in their day, because, as Shona says, sometimes life truly does suck.  (How’s that for optimism?)  But Absolute Frankness is such a refreshing take on blogging, and I can definitely admire her for being okay with talking about the darker aspects of life, the elephants in the room, and so I’ll be sure to keep tabs on the blog.  Check it out!

Google Translate (no shame!) informed me that Liebster is German for ‘dear’, ‘dearest’, or ‘my favorite’.  You can never really trust Google Translate, so I do hope I got this right.  Otherwise the title of this post would be just…lame.

And the rules for accepting this award are as follows:

1) Post eleven facts about yourself
2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated
3) Choose eleven people to give this award to (with less than 200 followers) and link them in your post
4) Go to their page and tell them

So, eleven facts about moi.

I can do this.  (And I must ask, why eleven?)

1.  On the weekends when I’m too lazy to put in my contacts, I have big square nerd glasses, along with braces.  And you wondered why I haven’t ever posted any pictures of myself, didn’t you?

2.  Sometimes in class I’ll realize I’m whistling to myself or muttering “Pretty bird!!” under my breath.  Such is the fate of an enthusiastic cockatiel owner.  And I wondered why people always turn to stare at me.

3.  I faint/puke at the sight or mention of blood.

4.  When I’m studying for a math test, I put a (bad) tune to my notes and sing them out loud.  “The perpendicular bisector conjeeeec-tuure!!”

5.  I stink at drawing.  Or any form of art that involves fine motor coordination.

6.  I play viola and guitar and sing, though it’s hard to do them at the same time.

7.  I actually like vanilla better than chocolate, but it doesn’t come in powder or bar form and therefore it is much less convenient.

8.  My best ideas for poems come to me at two in the morning, so I keep a notebook and pencil on my nightstand.  Unfortunately, I can’t turn on my light in the middle of the night or else my bird will have night frights, so the ends of my stanzas always


down at the


and sometimes they run into other stanzas too.

9.  Once I awoke with the feeling that I had written something really clever in said notebook the night previously, but when I eagerly opened it I had penned only:

cat sheep or rather, an almost-butterfly

An almost-butterfly does sound rather poetic, but I still have no idea what it had to do with a cat or a sheep, or why I crossed those out.

10.  I make pancakes almost every weekend, but my maple syrup bottle is still nearly full because I prefer to keep the pancakes in the freezer and simply eat them as snacks throughout the week.  Yup.  Frozen pancakes.

11.  I’m probably the only teenager in the history of the world who insists that no cakes, cookies, or other delicacies be baked for her coming birthday.  Yup, I’ma hit up froyo.

And now, to answer Shona’s questions:

1. What’s your favorite smell?

Oh, I have many.  I’m an extremely olfactorily-oriented person; I smell everything.  (But don’t read too much into that.)  I guess, in no particular order, they are: freshly baked brownies, freshly baked bread, books, pizza, and parrots (if you burrow your nose in their feathers they smell like peanuts!).

2.  Would you rather go to Swansea or Portsmouth?


(pauses, consults Google maps)

Oh, those are places in the UK!  Well, howdy, from across the pond!

Um…Portsmouth..?  It’s got a cooler name…

3.  Savory pancakes or classic lemon and sugar?

Haha, that’s funny.  Cuz I was just talking about…pancakes…ha…ha…

Is that another UK thing?  I’ve never had pancakes with lemon OR sugar.

Do you guys not drench your pancakes in maple syrup?

I vote maple syrup.  Even though that was not one of the choices.

Maple syrup should always be a choice.

4.  What did you have for lunch today?

Um…some “beef” stroganoff made with Trader Joe’s Beefless Ground Beef, condensed portobello mushroom soup, and farfalle pasta.  Also, a salad with a highly addictive white balsamic/honey vinaigrette and some Lentil Flatbread (see the Food section of my last Monthly Recap) crumbled into the mix.

5. What was the last book you read?

Insurgent, by Veronica Roth.  It’s kind of scary how similar the novel I’m writing is to the Divergent series.

6.  Would you live in an Enchanted Forest?

That depends.  What are my other options?

Is my only other option the real world?  …Then, yes, I probably would.  But I would want to take my laptop, and my bird.

7.  If you were a Fairy Queen what would you be queen of?

Inspiration.  There’s so many perfectly good people that faithfully sit down to write every day, but sometimes your muse deserts you.  I would fight this horrid crime and serve as a backup muse for writers everywhere, drifting into their ears whenever they experience the dreaded Writer’s Block.

8.  Would you like to live in the countryside or the city?

I really don’t know.  A couple of years ago, I would have said countryside, hands down, but now I’m not so sure.  Cities are kind of beautiful, in their own special way–just one awesome mess of humanity.  I love it.

Until you step in cigarettes and gum and then you wish you were in the countryside.

But then you get lonely.  would get lonely, at any rate.  I am a self-professed introverted extrovert; I have to be surrounded by people, but I’m happy when they leave me alone.

9.  What’s the best Christmas movie?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, circa ancient times.  You can’t argue with clay abominable snowmen.

10.  Do you wear hats at all?

Hats are very useful for hiding awful hair and managing to look stylish at the same time, and I occasionally wear them for this purpose.  Now that I’ve got a pixie cut, I can’t very well wear a baseball cap, or else my semi-feminine facial characteristics start to appear questionable…

11.  Would you have brought the ring to Mordor or let Sam do it for you?

I’ve never read The Lord of the Rings.  I tried, but I unwisely chose to try to read it out loud to my bird.  It’s not the kind of book you read out loud, with all the Sam and Ham Gamgees and Bilbo Baggins from Bag-End and all.  But I’m gonna be proactive here and say I’ll bring it myself.

My questions for my nominees:

1.  What did you have for breakfast?  Do you, by any chance, have a picture? #nerdalert

2.  When you read a book, what point-of-view do you like to read?  (eg, first person, third person, omniscient)

3.  If someone you loved started trying to convince you that there were extraterrestrial beings in your closet, would you side with them or turn them into an asylum?

4.  If you could make it rain ANYTHING, what kind of precipitation would you like?

5.  What is your preferred method of exercise?  (running, CrossFit, yoga, etc)

6.  Coffee or tea?

7.  Chocolate or vanilla?

8.  Would you rather have to sprinkle hot pepper on every food you ate, or chocolate chips?

9.  If you were to die in the morning, what would your last meal be?  (Don’t confine it to “dinner” foods!)

10.  Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

11.  What is a charitable cause you vehemently stand behind?

And, finally, my nominees:


The Breaded Blog (nothing to do with bread or food, for that matter…)

Harley Bird

You will notice that three nominees is not equal to eleven nominees.  I will commend you for your astute observation, then explain: At the moment I don’t follow a LOT of wordpress blogs–a good number, but not a lot–and it felt false to give the award to a blogger who I haven’t been following and enjoying for a while.  Most of the bloggers that fall into that category I’ve already previously nominated for the Sunshine Award, and it felt cheesy and clingy to nominate the same blogger for two different awards.  Lastly, my internet search for blogs worthy of the award was taking me upwards of two hours, and I value my retinas and mental health.  So, my consensus is this: as I discover more blogs I would like to nominate, they will be posted on here over time.  🙂