Marvelous in My Monday: Que Será, Será

I am having an unabashedly awesome week.  (I’m sort of lumping in the past few days, as well as anticipation for the weekend, into it as well; not just saying that because Monday’s barely begun.) 😉  And this has been something of a rarity lately, so I really think we should commemorate it.

*cue streamers and confetti and strobe lights and music–anyone wanna make me a cake?*

I’m also not thinking in a very coherent-post-conducive manner right now (because I’ve been working a heckuva lot on Thaw as of late!  this is very good but it also means my writing brain is pretty fried!), so I think I’m going to break out the LISTS in order to detail why I’m having such an unabashedly awesome week.  (Is this bragging?  Is this shoving my happiness in your face when probably a lot of you are suffering the usual case of the Mondays and I’m sorry?  I hope not…this is just…chronicling.  A celebration.  It’s MARVELOUS.)

#1.  I have really awesome friends.

yayI’m not sure exactly why I’m just realizing this…I’ve known it for a while, certainly, but I guess I’ve never really fully internalized it.  Being around other girls my age, though, and hearing about spats and drama and huge fallings-out with their “friends” is definitely making me more appreciative.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a fight with a friend.  They’re all just too awesome.  And we all respect and love each other and are all really smart and have the same weird sense of humor and it’s just amazing.  I wasn’t aware of how rare this was until lately, and I am SO THANKFUL.  I LOVE YOU ALL, GUISE.


One of my friends and I have recently started a weekly running thing (well–I say weekly–meaning it’s happened once and there are plans to do it again the following week) where we talk and we sort of run but there’s no pressure to really be speedy but we cover a lot of distance and last week we did 6 miles, which I think was actually the longest run of my life.  Granted, we definitely didn’t run for the entirety of it, but it was still very impressive to my mind.  And the talking and the repetitive exercise has been really therapeutic and happy-inducing and gah I love her.

#2.  Lately I have been conversing with an extremely smart dude with an overall pleasing aesthetic.  *giggles shyly and brings shirt collar up to hide face*

aww david tennant gif

#3.  I AM GOING TO SEE SARAH KAY PERFORM IN SEATTLE ON MARCH 1ST. (!!!)  If you don’t know–I’ll skip the shaming that you really deserve–Sarah Kay, as mentioned in this post, is my favorite spoken word poet ever and she’s pretty young and infinitely inspiring and her poem B was really one of the things that helped pull me out of my 7th-grade depression and disordered eating.  It is so beautiful and she is so beautiful and everything is sugar and rainbows and happiness because SHE’S PERFORMING IN SEATTLE AND I’LL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO SEE HER IN REAL LIFE AND GET AN ADVANCED COPY OF HER BOOK AND THE ANGELS WILL DESCEND FROM THE HEAVENS AND CROON SWEETLY WHILE STRUMMING HARPS OF COTTON CANDY.

Her website is called Que Será, Será, which is both a pun on her name (Kay, Sarah, sera) and is a saying that, translated, roughly means “what will be, will be”.  (If you were alive in the 60s you probably know this, because Wikipedia informs me that it was also a pretty popular song back then, and one I think I’ve heard at least once on some Netflix show or other.)  I can’t express how much I love this.

(I knew there was a very good reason for not asking anyone to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance that night!  Good job, TGITO.  Such a prescient decision on your part.)

What’s your MARVELOUS today?



(oh, wow, look!  such an intriguing title! :P)

Remember how I alluded to the fact that things gon’ be changin’ around these parts?  (“These parts” being my life and the way I manage it…)

This is gonna happen now, folks.  Forrealzies.

I’ve made a lot of promises in the past and entertained myself with visions of productive grandeur–every time, the things, whatever they were that I pledged myself to, had a habit of…not getting done.  Oh yes, I would set goals, write out lists, lay out my workout gear and my fountain pen and my planner and whatever crap I thought would rocket me to success…then I would log into Bloglovin’ or WordPress or Pinterest and it was game over.

What can I say?  I’m easily distracted.  (I’m choosing to believe it’s a sign of brilliance.)  I can hardly ever clean my room, because I get so engrossed in the objects I’m picking up off my floor that I forget the task at hand entirely.  I get distracted by my own feet.  Clearly, my brain is no match for the multiple-tab-wielding, infinite-destination vortex of my internet browser.


Oh, but this sounds like a “Goodbye, internet” post!  I promise you that this is not the case!  (I don’t think I could manage that anyhow…)  More of a warning/notification of sorts…of impending changes around these parts.

I am DOING STUFF this month, and next.  I intend to put the rest of my summer vacation to very good use.

So I’ve compiled a “Daily To-Do List” for the rest of the summer, which reads thusly:

  • 1 chapter TLOTR

Yes, this is something of seemingly no importance in an odd position of priority on my list.  For some reason, though, I’ve devoted myself entirely to the task of mowing through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy over the summer (mainly because I feel like it’s something I should have read by now), and if I ration it out this way, it ends up being just over 60 days’ worth of reading.

  • 1667 words or 1 hour revision in Thaw (at minimum)

Camp NaNoWriMo is here today! =D  I’m all stocked up with Scrivener, and a writing nook–I’ve gussied up The Shed for maximum comfort and reclusivity as I bang away on the keyboard–an inspiration jar, and coffee.


productivity palace

No one ever hire me as a graphic designer.

Technically it's a button jar.  But I like to scatter them on the ping-pong table and pick out buttons to suit different characters' personalities.

Technically it’s a button jar. But I like to scatter them on the ping-pong table and pick out buttons to suit different characters’ personalities…


Frog Slippers & Connect4--also necessities

Frog Slippers & Connect4–also necessities

  • 1 hr exercise (save 1 weekly rest/active recovery day)

Workouts have fallen to the wayside over the past month or so, due to knees and an odd bout of travel (three trips in a month…)–but, over the summer, there is no excuse not to cram in this USDA-recommended amount!  (Why does the Department of Agriculture tell me how much I should work out?)  I’ve started compiling a Summer Shapeup Pinterest board, I’m somewhat-participating in the Fitnessista Summer Shapeup 4-Week Plan (which I can repeat for a 2-month circuit) and am dabbling elsewhere in the blogosphere for similar plans.  While I know I’m mainly going to be forming my own routine, one that works for me, I think these plans will be good guidelines for the eventual regimen, even if I don’t follow them verbatum.

  • Physical Therapy

Boo.  I wish my knee problems could just vanish.  7 months is a long time.  But nothing is going to happen unless I keep doing those leg lifts…

(ugch–Instagrammed this picture way back in March.  Still toin’ that line…)

  • Cooking/Recipe Experimenting

A new challenge I’m embarking on this month is called Feed the Parents.  😉  Sort of like a Meatless Monday, in effect (except it’s going to be happening on Tuesdays…)–on a suggestion from Mother Dearest and in an effort to rationalize vegetarian eating in the parental minds, I’m going to start cooking a family dinner once a week.  (Usually I’m the only one who will even go ten miles near my food…)  This is probably an opportunity to ramp up my cooking skills, too!  (I’ll eat anything :), but when cooking for others one must be more discerning)  Still, if anyone has any family- and Standard-American-Diet-friendly vegetarian recipes they’d like to recommend, I’m all ears!

I’ll probably chronicle this thing on the blog as well, taking note of successes and flops.  🙂

  • Blogging!

You will notice that I do not, currently, blog every day. *pauses for effect*

This is mainly because my blog has never really been one of those “log blogs” that goes like “Oh, hey guys, I woke up this morning so that’s a plus! and then I ate this for breakfast and then I went and exercised and then we went to this movie and then for dinner we had this and I made this dessert…”  I have nothing against those types of blogs, it’s just not hasn’t been my thing.  You know me.  I post when I have something to say, something to share, something to recap, a linkup to join, a challenge to embark upon.  My daily life is tucked neat and tidily behind the curtain.

But with all this stuff I’m going to be doing for the remainder of the summer…

I need someone to keep me accountable, right?

*wink**wink* Well, who better to do this than all of my loyal followers?  (All 56 of you…) At least over the next month, I was thinking bumping up the posting rate to a daily post–undoubtedly they’d become much less lengthy than my current standard, and nothing earth-shattering would be discussed; but, just a log of the accomplishments of the day, as a way to keep myself on track.  What do you guys think of this idea?  TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS; I LOVE HEARING YOUR BEAUTIFUL VIRTUAL VOICES 😀

I hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday…

(And congratulations to Katie, the host of this loverly partay, on her new baby boy!) 🙂

I am, ‘cuz I’m pumped to get…SHIN done. ;P

Marvelous in My (May) Monday

I really, REALLY do not have time to post today.

Please try to pretend that my presence here makes complete sense.  Even nod your head in realization, or tap the side of your temple as though you have been struck with truth.  I appreciate your humoring of me.

I HAD to post today, because I feel like I am kicking off what is the biggest week of the school year (for me)–presentations, tests, and reflections galore…translation: STRESS.  Fitting in the time to also blog, be active, cook whole foods, and not turn into a ball of high-strung cortisol is going to be difficult.

The whole point of Marvelous in my Monday is to “infuse” the glory of the weekend (which was, incidentally, quite homework-infused as well) into the coming week…to level one’s head, remind them of the good times that are only five agonizingly long days away…

So.  Weekend things.

Spoken Word Night

Okay, so, technically this wasn’t during the weekend, but it was still the highlight of my week (year?) and I WILL RELIVE IT NOW, mmkay? 😀

DSCN1720One of the many benefits of poetry nights is that I feel completely justified in “eating” a smoothie for dinner (this was banana, milk, Vega Vanilla protein powder, and spinach)–no danger of getting food particles stuck in my teeth! 😀  One of the many benefits of green smoothies is that I feel no pressure to try to take an aesthetically pleasing photograph–just, why try?

I tried to commemorate the commute on the way to the library; I rediscovered how extra-ordinarily BAD I am at taking pictures of myself:

DSCN1727…Yeah.  Like…I don’t even know.

I tried to revert to the generic teenage girl “peace” sign, and that was funny.

DSCN1726I’m not really a generic teenage girl, okay?

On the way back home, the sunset over the water was gorgeous (does it say something ominous about my personality that I love sunsets much more than sunrises?):

DSCN1737Hello Spring, did you get work done?  I must say, you’re lookin’ mi-T-fine…

In terms of how the May Shapeup is going…

Well, we had a wonderful Trader Joe’s run on Sunday, with some money I’d earned a few months ago.  I really meant to take pictures of the actual trip, but alas!  As always, I was too flabbergasted by the sheer quantity of foods that make my tastebuds sing to remember much of anything.  Including the list Some extra stuff added up in the cart as well.


Like Goddess salad dressing!!  Man, I’m addicted already.  I usually just go with EVOO + vinegar in terms of salad dressing, so this was my little splurge here; actually, it probably wasn’t even much of a splurge.  I’m noticing I eat more salads when I don’t have to make the dressing…especially when it’s as awesomesauce as this!!  Win.

did get some food prep on Sunday done, as well–a first!–which involved cooking up bulk batches of both quinoa and mixed beans (so versatile!):

I definitely consider quinoa a supergrain--it's delicious, full of protein and nutrients, and it always cooks up so freaking fluffy!!  Every time.  It can withstand even MY culinary wrath, so I'm pretty confident anyone can cook it.

I definitely consider quinoa a supergrain–it’s delicious, full of protein and nutrients, and it always cooks up so freaking fluffy!! Every time. It can withstand even MY culinary wrath, so I’m pretty confident anyone can cook it.

Beans, beans...please ignore the inSANE amount of clutter in the sink!

Beans, beans…please ignore the inSANE amount of clutter in the sink!

I was on a roll at this point, and decided to blend up 2 or three green smoothies to freeze into pops for after-school snacks:  into the blender (per smoothie) went 1 banana, 1 cup milk, 1 heaping spoonful natural peanut butter, 1 scant spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder, and LOTS of spinach.


I do believe that's an action shot right there!  Thanks tripod!

I do believe that’s an action shot right there! Thanks tripod!

Except, erm...I may have been a little too focused on the camera hand, rather than the pouring hand, here.

Except, erm…I may have been a little too focused on the camera hand, rather than the pouring hand, here.

Aw dang.

Aw dang.

Well, I got that cleaned up, and the smoothies got frozen (I enjoyed one after school today, in fact–it’s so beastly hot here).  Once I ran out of popsicle molds, I switched to making “smoothie poppers”–I took some reusable silicone muffin liners, plopped them into a muffin tin and froze for a few hours.  Once they were solid, I popped them out of the liners and transferred them to a freezer bag–this way I can just blend and sip on those mornings when I crave a smoothie ASAP.



Note the planting potatoes chopped up in the background--a sure sign of Spring gardening ahead!

Note the planting potatoes chopped up in the background–a sure sign of Spring gardening ahead!

Last, but certainly not least, some sun tea was brewed!  I love it so, so much–I’m nursing a glass as I type this up.  Sometimes I get sick of water (though I do drink plenty of that, don’t you worry), and I think this is an excellent alternative to sugary juices!



Livin’ the life.

What was marvelous in YOUR Monday? 😉