Heads-Up 7-Up

Confession:  I have never actually played Heads-Up 7-Up.  In fact, I didn’t even know it was a game until a few months ago.  Everyone whom I tell this to tends to respond morbidly with What was your childhood?!  I just chose it as the title for this post because this post is a Heads-Up, and…pairing it with 7-Up is…catchy, I guess.

So, oops.  I had a little technological snafu on Friday when my post published early and then I told you you would see it later that day and I WAS LYING MY PANTS OFF OOPS.  Perhaps you will see that post next week, or maybe the next.  I thank you for your patience.  This post, in fact, serves to tell you that you shouldn’t expect any posts from me over the next coming week or so, because we are straying dangerously near to Finals season and I really want to devote all of my energies to studying and running over the next few days.  If I do post, comment angrily, be enraged, tell me to turn off the laptop, because I’m obviously procrastinating studying.  I thank you so much for your cooperation.