Marvelous in My Monday: Que Será, Será

I am having an unabashedly awesome week.  (I’m sort of lumping in the past few days, as well as anticipation for the weekend, into it as well; not just saying that because Monday’s barely begun.) 😉  And this has been something of a rarity lately, so I really think we should commemorate it.

*cue streamers and confetti and strobe lights and music–anyone wanna make me a cake?*

I’m also not thinking in a very coherent-post-conducive manner right now (because I’ve been working a heckuva lot on Thaw as of late!  this is very good but it also means my writing brain is pretty fried!), so I think I’m going to break out the LISTS in order to detail why I’m having such an unabashedly awesome week.  (Is this bragging?  Is this shoving my happiness in your face when probably a lot of you are suffering the usual case of the Mondays and I’m sorry?  I hope not…this is just…chronicling.  A celebration.  It’s MARVELOUS.)

#1.  I have really awesome friends.

yayI’m not sure exactly why I’m just realizing this…I’ve known it for a while, certainly, but I guess I’ve never really fully internalized it.  Being around other girls my age, though, and hearing about spats and drama and huge fallings-out with their “friends” is definitely making me more appreciative.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a fight with a friend.  They’re all just too awesome.  And we all respect and love each other and are all really smart and have the same weird sense of humor and it’s just amazing.  I wasn’t aware of how rare this was until lately, and I am SO THANKFUL.  I LOVE YOU ALL, GUISE.


One of my friends and I have recently started a weekly running thing (well–I say weekly–meaning it’s happened once and there are plans to do it again the following week) where we talk and we sort of run but there’s no pressure to really be speedy but we cover a lot of distance and last week we did 6 miles, which I think was actually the longest run of my life.  Granted, we definitely didn’t run for the entirety of it, but it was still very impressive to my mind.  And the talking and the repetitive exercise has been really therapeutic and happy-inducing and gah I love her.

#2.  Lately I have been conversing with an extremely smart dude with an overall pleasing aesthetic.  *giggles shyly and brings shirt collar up to hide face*

aww david tennant gif

#3.  I AM GOING TO SEE SARAH KAY PERFORM IN SEATTLE ON MARCH 1ST. (!!!)  If you don’t know–I’ll skip the shaming that you really deserve–Sarah Kay, as mentioned in this post, is my favorite spoken word poet ever and she’s pretty young and infinitely inspiring and her poem B was really one of the things that helped pull me out of my 7th-grade depression and disordered eating.  It is so beautiful and she is so beautiful and everything is sugar and rainbows and happiness because SHE’S PERFORMING IN SEATTLE AND I’LL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO SEE HER IN REAL LIFE AND GET AN ADVANCED COPY OF HER BOOK AND THE ANGELS WILL DESCEND FROM THE HEAVENS AND CROON SWEETLY WHILE STRUMMING HARPS OF COTTON CANDY.

Her website is called Que Será, Será, which is both a pun on her name (Kay, Sarah, sera) and is a saying that, translated, roughly means “what will be, will be”.  (If you were alive in the 60s you probably know this, because Wikipedia informs me that it was also a pretty popular song back then, and one I think I’ve heard at least once on some Netflix show or other.)  I can’t express how much I love this.

(I knew there was a very good reason for not asking anyone to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance that night!  Good job, TGITO.  Such a prescient decision on your part.)

What’s your MARVELOUS today?


5 Hours of Sleep and Lots of Coffee (Belated Friday Faves #3)

Yeah, I should probably call this post “Sunday Faves” for the sake of accuracy and all that.  But I feel like I had a good thing going with Friday Faves and the ensuing alliteration, and so the thing stays.

I should probably also explain about the title of this post, but it doesn’t make any sense because it’s true.  I would only choose such an odd and nonoriginal title if I was truly running on 5 hours of sleep, and, alas, this is the case.  The first week or so of school has been thoroughly dominated by BUCKETS of homework!  It’s only really because I’m taking all honors classes, and maybe there isn’t ACTUALLY that much work, but with my OCD perfectionistic tendencies, a simple 40-minute assignment can equate to days of slavery and stress.  MUST ACE ALL THE THINGS.  Unfortunately, last week didn’t really go well for me in terms of remembering assignments, performing well, and handing things in on time–let’s just say I was definitely feeling Friday the 13th a couple of days ago.  Ah, well.  Tis but a small matter.  And while my GPA might suck right now, I can certainly bolster it over the course of the semester–right??!!  At any rate, I’m looking forward to putting the snafu of last week behind me tomorrow as I embark on what surely will be a better 5-day stretch.

Hoo, you can tell I’m really tired.  That paragraph rambled and strayed considerably.  I was meaning to tell you that because of the massive amounts of homework (and my unfounded Doctor Who addiction that I cannot seem to shake and requires daily feeding), I’ve been operating on around 5 hours of sleep for the past few days, compensating with extra coffee in the mornings, and I feel like crap.  Definitely not making the healthiest decisions here.  My immune system took a hit as well, and, coupled with the new environment of 1800 kids and all the circulating germs, it’s only natural that I should be sick now.  Bleh.  My throat is scratchy and my tummy hurts, you guys.  Wish me tasty tea and restful sleep from here on out.

Thus far this has not been a very optimistic Friday Faves post.  Being sick is not my “fave”.  Onto the meat of the matter!

#1.  Spaghetti Bowl!  Ooh, look, I’m a big girl now!  On Friday I attended my first *official* HS football game with a group of gal pals, and, you know, we had to get into it.  Memorizing cheers, shouting ’til we were hoarse, decking ourselves out in all blue, blue face paint, the works.

2013-09-13 18.06.51

Although I have a feeling that you can tell from this awkward selfie that I was not totally sold on the face paint.  You can also tell that, as I constantly reiterate, I am REALLY BAD at the art of selfie and I have to go into PicMonkey and apply all these weird color effects to my face in order to feel okay about posting it here and that my nose is really oily and shiny  SPUNKALICIOUS and that my hair has absolutely no idea what it’s doing at any given moment but we shall not talk about these things.  (Something we shall also not talk about is the fact that the whole sexism and objectification thing of football and cheerleading bugs me.  I fear this post is not long enough to contain my feminist rantings.)

Right, then.  Focus on the face paint.  And my cute blue sweater, if you’d like.  Sweater season!  So excited.

While we’re on that subject…

#2.  The arrival of autumn!  At least before everything gets dreary and sludgey and rainy and the SAD-depression-stuff kicks in, early fall has got to be my absolute favorite time of the year.  Everything seems to slow, become just a bit more ponderous–nothing seems as frantic, or as frivolous.  Also, cute sweaters.  Also, herbal tea.  Also, orange leaves!  Also, PRETTY NATURE!  Also, PUMPKIN SPICE ALL THE THINGS!  Also, flu season!  😉 *cough cough, literally*  And there’s that whole not-sweating-when-you’re-just-sitting-still thing.  That’s nice.


#3.  Being asked to perform poetry with the Washington State Poet Laureate.

(Doesn’t my elegant and poignant use of Doctor Who gifs serve to underline my mature and poetic nature?)

I received the inquiry from my old Language Arts teacher a few days ago (it’s not PC enough to call it “English” anymore), and this was basically my reaction.  People think I’m good at words!  Moreover, people think I’m good enough at words to sort-of-somewhat represent youth spoken word poetry alongside the State’s Great!

Reaction GIF: laugh, are you kidding me?, David Tennant


Lack of sleep may make me a bit dramatic, methinks.  Just a heads-up.

I have more things to say but I’m working on condensing my posts and posting more frequently.  That will probably be a good thing.  And you know what else is my favorite?  Sleep.  Sleep is very nice.  Never mind the fact that I wasn’t up and at ’em until 11 this morning, I think I’ll turn in for the night.  Hope your weekend was awesome and that you are able to recover from the dreaded influence of the last Friday the 13th!!


Marvelous in My (May) Monday

I really, REALLY do not have time to post today.

Please try to pretend that my presence here makes complete sense.  Even nod your head in realization, or tap the side of your temple as though you have been struck with truth.  I appreciate your humoring of me.

I HAD to post today, because I feel like I am kicking off what is the biggest week of the school year (for me)–presentations, tests, and reflections galore…translation: STRESS.  Fitting in the time to also blog, be active, cook whole foods, and not turn into a ball of high-strung cortisol is going to be difficult.

The whole point of Marvelous in my Monday is to “infuse” the glory of the weekend (which was, incidentally, quite homework-infused as well) into the coming week…to level one’s head, remind them of the good times that are only five agonizingly long days away…

So.  Weekend things.

Spoken Word Night

Okay, so, technically this wasn’t during the weekend, but it was still the highlight of my week (year?) and I WILL RELIVE IT NOW, mmkay? 😀

DSCN1720One of the many benefits of poetry nights is that I feel completely justified in “eating” a smoothie for dinner (this was banana, milk, Vega Vanilla protein powder, and spinach)–no danger of getting food particles stuck in my teeth! 😀  One of the many benefits of green smoothies is that I feel no pressure to try to take an aesthetically pleasing photograph–just, why try?

I tried to commemorate the commute on the way to the library; I rediscovered how extra-ordinarily BAD I am at taking pictures of myself:

DSCN1727…Yeah.  Like…I don’t even know.

I tried to revert to the generic teenage girl “peace” sign, and that was funny.

DSCN1726I’m not really a generic teenage girl, okay?

On the way back home, the sunset over the water was gorgeous (does it say something ominous about my personality that I love sunsets much more than sunrises?):

DSCN1737Hello Spring, did you get work done?  I must say, you’re lookin’ mi-T-fine…

In terms of how the May Shapeup is going…

Well, we had a wonderful Trader Joe’s run on Sunday, with some money I’d earned a few months ago.  I really meant to take pictures of the actual trip, but alas!  As always, I was too flabbergasted by the sheer quantity of foods that make my tastebuds sing to remember much of anything.  Including the list Some extra stuff added up in the cart as well.


Like Goddess salad dressing!!  Man, I’m addicted already.  I usually just go with EVOO + vinegar in terms of salad dressing, so this was my little splurge here; actually, it probably wasn’t even much of a splurge.  I’m noticing I eat more salads when I don’t have to make the dressing…especially when it’s as awesomesauce as this!!  Win.

did get some food prep on Sunday done, as well–a first!–which involved cooking up bulk batches of both quinoa and mixed beans (so versatile!):

I definitely consider quinoa a supergrain--it's delicious, full of protein and nutrients, and it always cooks up so freaking fluffy!!  Every time.  It can withstand even MY culinary wrath, so I'm pretty confident anyone can cook it.

I definitely consider quinoa a supergrain–it’s delicious, full of protein and nutrients, and it always cooks up so freaking fluffy!! Every time. It can withstand even MY culinary wrath, so I’m pretty confident anyone can cook it.

Beans, beans...please ignore the inSANE amount of clutter in the sink!

Beans, beans…please ignore the inSANE amount of clutter in the sink!

I was on a roll at this point, and decided to blend up 2 or three green smoothies to freeze into pops for after-school snacks:  into the blender (per smoothie) went 1 banana, 1 cup milk, 1 heaping spoonful natural peanut butter, 1 scant spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder, and LOTS of spinach.


I do believe that's an action shot right there!  Thanks tripod!

I do believe that’s an action shot right there! Thanks tripod!

Except, erm...I may have been a little too focused on the camera hand, rather than the pouring hand, here.

Except, erm…I may have been a little too focused on the camera hand, rather than the pouring hand, here.

Aw dang.

Aw dang.

Well, I got that cleaned up, and the smoothies got frozen (I enjoyed one after school today, in fact–it’s so beastly hot here).  Once I ran out of popsicle molds, I switched to making “smoothie poppers”–I took some reusable silicone muffin liners, plopped them into a muffin tin and froze for a few hours.  Once they were solid, I popped them out of the liners and transferred them to a freezer bag–this way I can just blend and sip on those mornings when I crave a smoothie ASAP.



Note the planting potatoes chopped up in the background--a sure sign of Spring gardening ahead!

Note the planting potatoes chopped up in the background–a sure sign of Spring gardening ahead!

Last, but certainly not least, some sun tea was brewed!  I love it so, so much–I’m nursing a glass as I type this up.  Sometimes I get sick of water (though I do drink plenty of that, don’t you worry), and I think this is an excellent alternative to sugary juices!



Livin’ the life.

What was marvelous in YOUR Monday? 😉

Solicited Advice to Prepubescent Nintendo Freaks

was is the title of the poem I performed last night.

Very casual venue; a public library, of all things.  So I got all dressed up in a slouchy Mario T-Shirt but, it has something to do with the poem!

The performance was recorded; not with the awesome camera of bloggity fame, but with a decidedly less high-resolution thingymabob–hopefully, this will not cause you to deign from watching it.

I love poetry, and I am quite very much nervous to post this on here–for some reason it feels much, much more nerve-wracking than just posting a written poem.  You finally get to hear my voice, and see me in my full gawky teenage splendor.  (Note:  I look SO TINY in this video!  And I sound it as well!  Know that I never seem this small in my head…)

Solicited Advice to Prepubescent Nintendo Freaks


You are turning ten

and I want you to know

I remember what that feels like.

We were about to move 988 miles westward

I started wearing deodorant and a training bra–

you won’t–

and the summer smelled like the pages of a manga book, and chlorine.

Mostly I was marveling over the fact that I was now




I want you to know

that life is about to get

so much harder.

I want you to know that really the only way you’ll be able to have the vaguest idea where you’re headed

is by consulting your moral compass, and even that

is terribly indecisive sometimes.

Most times.

Life gets complicated, bro.

I want you to know this because no one ever told me

but I do not want it to sound like a warning because

look at the solar system, the veins on a leaf,

the pattern on the pad of your finger.

Complexity is beautiful.



And about those video games of yours–

They teach you

that anyone who attacks you

is a bad guy;

kill on sight.

They teach you that the number of points you earn

is based on the amount of blood you spill

the amount of lives you take

the amount of coins you gather and the amount of

destruction you leave in your wake.

They teach you that entertainment

will always be provided to you

in the form of high-definition graphics and an overdone plotline

They teach you that the princess needs saving,

the dragons need slaying,

the mushrooms need flattening

the galaxy needs traversing

the only life paths are scoundrels, scouts, and soldiers.


Maybe not by much, but

I’ve been around longer than them,  Easton,

let me tell you that

when you meet your Princess Peach–

don’t try to lock her in a tower,

the only reason she’ll ever need saving

is if you put her up there.

You are not Bowser;

you have an unfair advantage in terms of height but I trust you not to abuse your size

and your gender;

do not flatten kingdoms for the fun of seeing the Toads run screaming.

The world may give you points for that but I will not,

because I am your Rosalina,

I will watch over you always and I will not find it funny if my humble starship and my family of lumas

are the very ones that you are snatching stars away from.

My beacon will always burn bright for you

I will not always be there to see you but just look up,

I am that star–

the second to the right, yes, that

is the soft glow of my laptop as I type out a poem for you, surf the internet for memes that will make you smile.



I want you to know that this is special–

don’t you ever be in a hurry to grow up because it will always happen,

and you get nowhere if you try to pedal backwards,

believe me.


I want you to know that you will be a different person in the next few years

you will need something to define yourself by

but don’t be afraid to let that go–

the trouble with dictionaries is that they will try to define you in terms of other words,

when the language itself is not making sense

toss the whole thing out.


I want you to know that it’s a good thing my Language Arts teacher made me write this poem,

because I want you to know that there’s no way you’d hear half of this otherwise–


I want you to know that I will never tell you this but you

are special

I wait for the day when you will

become a Shooting Star,

when I will try to chase you down on my Wario Bike only to have to surrender with a quiet smile

Your life is ahead of you and you will laugh down it like the final lap of Rainbow Road.

I want to be there when I will flip away from my cooking shows and see you on the news,

and I will be so filled with pride I will need to call someone and tell them,

That’s my brother

only to find I’m halfway through dialing the number before I realize

it’s your own.


I want you to know

that I know

that you are probably squirming in your seat right now

but I hope you know

this is the first day of the rest of your life,

I will send you a copy of this poem from opposite sides of the country when you are in your twenties and

Peach has abandoned you.

Because Luigi is faithful like that.

I will send you a copy of this poem when you meet Daisy,

when you grow out of your boyhood once and for all

and still have the women swooning over your dimples–

it shall be excellent blackmail


I want you to know



©2013 The Girl in the Orange

And the excitement builds…

I’m literally smiling as I type this, because I can’t suppress it.

That’s such an amazing feeling, to be smiling for sheer joy and for the inability to be able to squash it down.  Despite the lazy fog clinging to every treetop outside my window, despite the insistent, weary drizzle that has been collecting on my windowsill since 9 o’ clock last night, I am ecstatic.  Everything outside my room is quiet, reluctantly submitting to the contemplative plodding pace of autumn, but I feel more alive than I have in a year.  Possibly two.   I’ve been feeling like this a lot lately, and I’m not complaining.  I’m sure the people around me aren’t either; while I am getting some quizzical stares, it’s much more pleasant to be in a room with a seemingly-off-her-rocker beaming girl than it is to have to suffer in the presence of someone who is disgusted with life.

Isn’t it?

I’ve certainly been the latter on many occasions, but not as of late, or even this summer.  It has been a happy time.  This week in particular holds many exciting events for me and, as a result, I’m beaming fit to chafe my cheeks on the outside of my braces.

Firstly, I’ve been asked to perform a poem of mine, “Sweet, sweet adolescence” (the title is sarcastic) at a parent orientation event at my school.  All told, it’s not the hugest accomplishment, but it feels like it.  I haven’t bothered with poetry much over the summer–it seems like my emotions are running higher during the school year and I can produce more thoughtful stuff–but hopefully this will start to ease me back into it.  I’m pretty sure this will feel something like a warmup before a long run, reminding my “poetry muscles” what it feels like to start moving again, propelling me forward.  My hope is that it will act as a springboard for the future insightful poetry I’ll churn out during this year (knock on wood).  Very exciting.

And, of course, the day after my performance will be the day of The Haircut That Will Change Everything.  Oh yes, I have grand plans for this haircut.  Never before, except when it was growing for the first time, have I had hair shorter than my jaw.  Chopping it all off, all of it, every single strand that’s been with me my entire life, promises to be liberating and empowering.  It probably won’t seem as drastic to any of my friends as it will to me, but, trust me, this is all I’ve been thinking about for the past week month summer.  My personality has changed so much within the past six months or so that I need my hair to keep up with it.  (That sounds ridiculous…does anyone know what I mean?  It’s like my current hair is the hair of the “old me” and I am excited for new hair for “new me”…you still don’t get it, do you?)  This Friday, at 5′ o clock, will mark my official transformation into The Girl In The Orange, someone who has been trying desperately to poke her head out for the past year; but I’ve been squashing her down.  I send my deepest apologies to her, because it was such a stupid thing to do.  Who cares if other people don’t like her?  She’s spunky.  She’s awesome.  She’s fun, she’s excited, she’s optimistic, she’s amusing.  She’s me.  Of course people will like her. 😉  Hopefully she won’t have any hard feelings when I finally set her free this Friday.

So, friends, share in my joy and say sayonara to a rear view of a massive brown curtain of extremely thick hair.  Because, unless you come see me perform, you won’t be seeing it any longah. 🙂

Here’s to a good week!