Poemography is a weekly blog  series I try to post a Poemograph every week, on Monday.  These posts are hybrids of my two main creative endeavors, writing and photography (though I do pursue writing much more significantly than photography, as you can probably tell by the quality, or lack thereof, of my photos). 😉  Basically, they’re a way for me to keep myself accountable–creating something new and sharing it each week–and a way for you to get to read some of my creative work!  While the series is entitled “Poemography”, actual writing pieces featured vary from poems to spoken-word performance videos to flash-fiction to unclassifiable scrivenings and bits from my Documents file.  I “Preface” each Poemograph with a short post detailing its inspiration, time of writing, thoughts on the piece, etc.

My best poems seem to come to me when I’m not expecting them (but am armed with notebook and pencil, just in case), and for this reason, the deadline constricts of Poemography are a bit…challenging for me.  🙂  So.  Some Poemographs may suck.  Others turn out quite well.  Happy reading!

Poemography Archives

In chronological order:

Solicited Advice to Prepubescent Nintendo Freaks (video)



Breaking Glass



We Hired Death as Our Landscaper

On Being Okay with Dying (whoa apparently I’ve thought a lot about death) (which is good I guess I mean it’s a pretty integral part of life when you think about it) (this isn’t really a Poemograph, because I didn’t bother to take pictures, but I really like it and so on the list it goes)


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