“Fitness” for me generally equates to “running” (and occasionally biking); cardio is always my workout of choice.  While I try to get some strength training done every once in a while, it’s much less appealing than going for a nice run.  Possibly because I suck at it.  It’s debatable.  But for the record, I was born with arms the diameter of a chicken bone, so any upper body strength training makes me feel, if anything, worse about my lack of strength.  Core and lower-body are fine, though.

You can read through the archives of my running-related posts here, or by clicking on the word “running” in my category cloud.  I’ve only ever competed in one 5k and two cross-country races, so my “race recaps” page isn’t too extensive, but you can still read about the 5k here and the XC stuff pics 1 148

In November 2012, not too long after that first fateful 5k, my knees died.  I didn’t think much of it at the time–it was just a little pain–but within the week it pretty much immobilized me, and I embarked on a 4-month journey filled with highly incompetent medical professionals as they tried to figure out what the heck was wrong with me.  I had to skip out on the second 5k I had signed up for and put my running career on hold.  Even after it got diagnosed (as persistent chondromalatia coupled w/ hip dysplasia), the pain in running was too intense to start back up again; in total, I was completely sedentary for about 8 months.  We got some fancy support shoes with orthotics that seem to help, I started physical therapy and a regimen of therapeutic ultrasounds, and I have to brace my knees when I’m running–but I’m running again, now, at least!  My next 5k is on August 24th, and the 2013 cross-country season has been going on for a while now, despite my incompetency on the team.

If you’re interested in watching my progress racking up miles and workouts as I train to get back into shape after my running hiatus, please visit my Workout Log!

What say you?

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