Current Workout Log

Keeping track of my training runs and attempts at strength-training sessions over the summer, in preparation for races and cross-country season.

Thursday, 8/1/2013-Friday, 8/2/2013:  Travel days!  Lounging about, and sleeping in the car, no exercise even considered.

Saturday, 8/3/2013-Wednesday, 8/7/2013:  Running, walking, climbing, jumping, and swimming about, playing “EXTREME (sans table) ping-pong”–old-fashioned, playful exercise.


Thursday, 8/8/2013:  AMAZING 2 mile run up at 7,000 ft elevation with friend.  The best part about altitude is that your lungs are burning so fiercely you can’t even feel the pain in your legs! 😀

Friday, 8/9/2013-Saturday, 8/10/2013:  Traveling again.  Back from whence we came.


Upcoming races:  

August 24–5k

Nearly a year in the future–Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Ride

What say you?

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