My Nutrition Philosophies

Eat your vegetables.  Eat lots of them.  Eat whole foods.  Eat lots of whole foods, to fuel your body properly.  Stop eating crap.  Eat things that make you feel healthy and strong.

Within these parameters, choose your own diet, or fluctuate between diets.  Whatever tickles your fancy.  Be vegan, be veggie, be paleo, be fruitarian, be…healthy-eating-person.  I’m a vegetarian and that’s cool for me.  I feel ethically appeased by not eating dead things and I feel mentally at ease knowing I’m getting the protein, vitamin B12, and calcium I need from dairy.  I may do the vegan thing in the future, or I may go pescetarian; we shall see.

Saturated fat is not bad for you.  Humans have been eating full-fat dairy for centuries without becoming obese or having cholesterol issues.  (Just stay away from the deep-fried butter on a stick.  Not exactly ancient health food.)  Trans fat is.  So is high-fructose corn syrup.  Other man-made food add-ins are questionable and probably not very good to put in your body on a daily basis, but don’t stress at all if/when you down some.  Your mental health is more important than your physical health.  Sugar tastes good and is good for the soul but don’t make it a food group.  Enjoy your salad, knowing sometimes you just need an XL hot fudge sundae and that has its benefits too.

Keep yourself fit and fueled, eat when you’re hungry, stop a tiny bit before you get full.  Wait 10 minutes.  If you’re still hungry, eat more.  Don’t worry about calories or macros.  They take the fun out of consumption.  Since it usually happens at least 3 times a day, it can be a pretty reliable source of joy, if you let it.

Eat good food.  Eat to feel strong and happy and healthy.  Respect your body and its needs.  Love it for all that it can do with the proper fuel.


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